So recently travelled to Europe for vacation and inspiration for my new music. I also played a dj set in CalaPi Mallorca on The beach one night.

My Hotel room was burglarized. It was wild. Had a macbook pro and ipad stolen. Dealt with the police in Espanol. If that would not of happened, then the trip wound have been a complete dream. When I say “dream” I don’t mean the nightmare it turned into. Picture this… It was bright lights shining beautiful sunny vistas and beaches. Then picture dark anger. Thats prretty much what went down.

But fuck it. Here are the Photos from the trip:

We Start before my trip at the end of my video shoot for “Running Through You”

Runyon Canyon
Runyon Canyon
Runyon Canyon
Runyon Canyon



Next we go straight to Barcelona, where it all started on the Norweigan Epic. It was chill nothing bad typical Mediterranean cruise.


I think we went to Italy first, this whole post is going to work as my brain does, just a tad bit scattered, but organized in the end.